The Chiefs are excited to continue their glow-up with leading men’s skincare and grooming brand L’Oréal Paris Men Expert, welcoming them back as a major partner for 2022.

L’Oréal Men Expert is a global brand with a portfolio of leading men’s grooming products covering everything from skincare, shaving, beard grooming, hygiene, and hairstyling.

With the partnership now in its third year, L’Oreal has been keeping The Chiefs feeling confident, energised, and looking great at all times. The brand’s No.1 product icon, Hydra Energetic Anti-Fatigue 24H moisturiser is a skincare must-have for men with tired skin; for when you’re up most of the night after you tell yourselves ‘we have to end on a win’... sound familiar?

Like an energy drink for your skin, the moisturiser is packed full of energising Guarana & Vitamin C for an instant ‘wake up’ boost and fresher-looking skin.

“We’ve all had late-night gaming sessions and sacrificed how we feel the next morning to get one more game in,” said Nick Bobir, CEO of The Chiefs. “L’Oréal Paris Men Expert is a perfect fit for gaming and esports culture to keep us going and feeling fresh. We’re excited to be continuing our partnership with such a prestigious brand and look forward to producing even more energised content this year..”

Tim Plant, Marketing Director of L’Oréal Paris Australia, said of the partnership “As the gaming industry continues to boom, we are thrilled to continue our partnership with the number 1 esports team in Australia, The Chiefs.

Plant continued "In 2022 the relationship continues to go from strength to strength, with a focus on community and connection. The partnership taps into a large segment of the population who previously haven’t been spoken to by mass beauty brands in a relatable or representative way. The audience spends long nights gaming which can take a toll on their skin, L’Oréal Paris empowers them to give their skin the boost of energy it needs to look, feel, and play better.’’

Keep your eyes out for upcoming giveaways and special events featuring L’Oréal Men Expert including gaming tournaments and ways to play with your favourite creators.

For more information, please contact:
Josh Harvey (Marketing and Partnerships Manager, The Chiefs)

About The Chiefs

The Chiefs are one of the premier esports and gaming entertainment clubs in the ANZ region, featuring top teams in various competitive video games. Founded in 2014, The Chiefs have a consistent record of being highly successful within ANZ Esports competitions and are committed to the growth of the industry both on a domestic and international level.

About L’Oréal Men Expert

L’Oréal Men Expert is proud to be the No.1 men’s skincare brand in the world, boasting a broad product range to empower men to look and feel their best, boost their confidence, and set them up for success. Promising only the highest quality formulas custom-made for men and backed by science, L’Oréal Men Expert promises expert care, and nothing less.

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