The Chiefs are playing with undisrupted power thanks to APC by Schneider Electric

The Chiefs - Australia & New Zealand’s leading esports organisation - are playing with undisrupted power thanks to their partnership with APC by Schneider Electric and their top range of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units.

Not every loss in-game is actually your fault. Not many things are as annoying as having a power outage snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Sometimes players even receive a suspension or drop in rank due to the power going out. But now there is a backup solution to keep you online with APC’s Back-UPS Pro unit. During a power outage, the Back-UPS Pro will protect your expensive computers, consoles, and even internet modem from power surges. It will immediately swap to battery power keeping you online and in the game like nothing happened. 

Nick Bobir, CEO of The Chiefs said: “We’ve all been there before, someone has either tripped the power or there is a blackout in your block. But you were in the middle of a game and now not only have to wait to see if your gear is fried, but you know you have cost your team the game. Now thanks to this partnership with APC, we can keep The Chiefs powered up no matter what gets thrown at them.”

Ras Jayawickrama, Schneider Electric’s Pre-Sales & Offer Management leader adds, “The APC brand of UPS has been a trusted and reliable solution, both for Home and Commercial applications, over the many years. With gaming, we understand the importance of confidence & performance in the system - to bring out the optimum game. That’s why delivering premium power protection & uptime for high-performance computing and gaming systems is important to us.“ 

When the lights go out, a Back-UPS Pro will light the way to victory. Learn more about UPS systems via APC.


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