The greatest teams in the world are descending upon Mexico City this week to kick off the biggest event in esports, The League of Legends World Championship, and The Chiefs will be there.

The event itself brings 24 of the worlds most talented teams together to compete for the summoners cup, a trophy that was recently redesigned by legendary jeweler and trophy maker, Tiffany and Co. 

This week, our team departed from their training camp at the Red Bull Headquarters in North America, to make the journey to Mexico City where they are committed to making history, and putting on the best performance the oceanic region has ever seen. 

Don’t miss a minute of the Chiefs on the world stage competing in the phenomenon that is the League of Legends World Championship. The Chiefs kick off our #Worlds2022 campaign this Friday, September 30. Exact times below in Australian Eastern Standard time (AEST): 

  • Chiefs vs Fnatic - Friday, September 30, 10AM 
  • Chiefs vs DFM - Saturday, October 1, 9AM 
  • Chiefs vs Evil Geniuses - Sunday, October 2, 10AM 
  • Chiefs vs BYG - Sunday, October 2, 12PM
  • Chiefs vs LLL - Monday, October 1, 8AM 

Every match will be streamed live on the official Twitch channel for Riot Games. Be sure to tune in and watch The Chiefs ‘Make History.’ 

And if you need a little extra help getting the day off we are pleased to supply you with your complimentary Chiefs sick note (look, our unofficial official sick note might not get you the day off but it’s worth a shot).


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