Match Recap: Chiefs vs Kanga

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What. A. Bloodbath. In the most dominant game of the split so far, if not the whole year, we scored a win over Kanga Esports and were ever so close to winning a perfect game. Unfortunately, our heroic toplaner went a little too deep and was promptly punished, but that shouldn’t sour what was a fantastic win in our last game of the LCO’s first round robin of Split 2. 

Coming into the draft, we gave Raes a power pick in his favoured Kai’Sa, while Arthur returned to his Viego — providing the universally loved ability to swing teamfights singlehandedly by possessing the bodies of his fallen foes. Aladoric also got a playmaking support, locking in the Rakan while Topoon snagged himself another Sejuani pick in the toplane. With a last pick Veigar for Kanga, Tally responded with a rare Xerath pick — and his aim would have to be on point if he was going to win this matchup. 

A lurking Arthur set up the first kill of the game, leaping onto an unsuspecting Lionel before Aladoric and Raes followed up to bring him down to a sliver of health. Fortunately, Tally was at the ready with a long-range ultimate and even the Bailout wasn’t enough to save the Ezreal as we drew First Blood. We picked up a second kill a few minutes later, as the roaming duo of Aladoric and Arthur pounced onto fighto, with Tally once again contributing from afar with some crisply placed shots. 

From there, the floodgates opened. A prolonged botlane dive yielded kills onto both members of Kanga’s botlane, even picking up Lionel a second time after he returned to lane. Seemingly annoyed at being left out of the kills so far, Topoon roamed mid and hit a pixel-perfect Glacial Prison to lock down fighto’s Veigar to claim his first kill. Our objective control continued, picking up Drakes and Heralds with abandon, scoring numerous kills whenever the opportunity presented itself. 

Topoon embarked on becoming the roaming crowd-control bot, launching ultimates from out of vision and setting up Tally to rain down blue bolts on whichever poor Kanga member was caught out. His next victim was Lionel, who was sent to the grey screen for the fourth time in the game. A climactic fight towards the toplane yielded three kills just past the 17-minute mark as we’d given ourselves a massive 10k gold lead. 

Despite the casters calling for a mercy rule to be put into place, we continued to amass a comprehensive lead and look for a convincing finish to the game. On the edge of 20 minutes, while deep in the enemy base, a Flash-less Topoon found himself stuck in a Veigar cage and was burst down despite his best efforts. That would be the only thing Kanga would get that game, as we quickly grabbed ourselves a Baron and set up for a final push. 

Laying siege to Kanga’s piece, the boys saw an opening and pounced on it, cleaning up the majority of the team en route to smashing the Nexus and claiming our seventh win of the split in the process. The win means we were undefeated in the opening round robin, and we’re looking in fine form as we aim to continue the winning ways against Mammoth later tonight. 


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