The Chiefs are Protected, Connected, and In The Game thanks to the all new BGM220 Pro-Gaming UPS by APC

The Chiefs Esports Club - Australia & New Zealand’s leading esports organisation - are once again happy to be playing with undisrupted power thanks to their partnership with APC by Schneider Electric and their all new BGM220 Pro-Gaming UPS.

Consistent power for your valuable gaming setup means a blackout won’t kick you offline and stop you from winning. For PC and Console gamers, APC by Schneider Electric™ has forged a powerful Gaming Back-UPS that relentlessly protects and powers your gaming setup so you can stay connected, finish what you started and never let your team down regardless of power conditions. 

With customisable RGB lighting and cases available in White and Black, the BGM220 Pro-Gaming UPS not only protects your PC & Consoles but perfectly matches your setups aesthetic while doing it.

With twelve RGB colours to choose from,
the BGM220 Pro-Gaming UPS is the perfect addition to your gaming setup

Brendan Harms, Managing Director of Chiefs says: "There's not many things worse in gaming than getting hit with power loss when you're in the middle of something important like a ranked match. Being the best means preparing for anything that can stop you from winning, and now in partnership with APC we can ensure our players stay connected and powered up to take victory."

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BGM220 Pro-Gaming UPS by APC.

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