Match Recap: Chiefs vs PEACE

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After being unable to string together any consistent performances against PEACE in 2021, a dominant performance yesterday evening our winning streak against them to three in a row — despite our coach and star midlaner being waylaid by COVID heading into the match. 

Even though Coach Babip was under the weather, it didn’t stop him from putting together a strong draft for the team. An early Lee Sin lock-in for Arthur meant our powerhouse jungler was set up to make plays from the start, while Tally selected Azir to pair with Raes’ Tristana for consistent late-game hybrid damage output. It was also a no-flash toplane, as Topoon’s Sejuani picked both Teleport and Ignite for consistent early pressure, while Thien’s Gwen selected Teleport and Ghost for the same purpose. 

We let first blood slip after Apii and LeeSA were able to manufacture a kill out of nowhere, but normal service resumed shortly after when Arthur linked up with the botlane to score a clean kill courtesy of Aladoric’s crisp engage on Rakan. That was followed up seconds later by Topoon landing himself yet another solobolo to take an early lead in the lane. 

A skirmish around the first Rift Herald of the game yielded a kill onto Apii’s Galio, but we were unable to steal away the objective as well. Arthur took a detour up to toplane a few minutes later to snag his second kill of the game, but PEACE quickly stacked the lane with the Herald and multiple members to race Raes and Aladoric for the first turret of the game.

However, the demolition power of Tristana was majorly underestimated and we successfully traded two turrets in the botlane for only the loss of our toplane outer turret. Another brief fight around the 15-minute mark gave us another kill and our incremental advantages had resulted in nearly a 6k gold lead already. 

The game entered a lull state, with both teams jockeying for position across the map. A decisive call to engage onto the Baron went in our favour, taking down the big purple worm for only the loss of Arthur and Tally. Baron buff in hand, we laid siege to the enemy base through the convenient gap left by Raes and Aladoric earlier in the game.

Both teams realised this was the do-or-die moment, and an explosive fight erupted following an interrupted engage from Apii — a fight that we wasted no time in cleanly sweeping en route to our fifth win in a row and further confirming our position on top of the LCO ladder.

With one game for the week done and dusted, tune in to the LCO tonight as we kick off our top of the table clash against perennial rivals the Dire Wolves at 8pm AEST. 


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