LCO Week 2 Preview: Pentanet and Gravitas

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We kicked off our Split 2 campaign with two strong wins, taking down Mammoth in the quickest game of the day before exacting some satisfying (and even faster) revenge on Split 1 champs Order in our first rematch since April’s Grand Final — knocking down their Nexus in 23 minutes to claim the two fastest games of the week. However, the split has a long way to go and the boys have been hard at working preparing for their two games this week.

Chiefs vs Gravitas (Monday 13th June, 9pm AEST)

It would be fun if we took down another team in a record-breaking game, right? Given our fastest game last split was under 17 minutes, we have some time to shave off and Gravitas presents as an opportunity to work out the kinks from last week’s wins. Coming into the split, Gravitas have shaken up their squad slightly as they aim to reach their first playoffs since entering competitive League in 2019. 

While they did show some fight with their new-look squad, they were unable to pick up wins over Order and the Dire Wolves — and the plan is to hand them a third donut in a row as we build momentum for potentially a pivotal match on Tuesday.  Having never lost a game to the boys in orange over the seven splits they’ve played in Oceania, we’re gunning to keep that streak alive and move to 3-0 in the standings. 

Chiefs vs Pentanet.GG (Tuesday 14th June, 6pm AEST)

The last time we faced off against the 2021 MSI representatives, we saw them away in a brutal best-of-five to claim our spot in the Split 1 Grand Final. However, as the only team to not make any changes to their roster over the brief off-season, Pentanet have been building up to making a major tilt at the title and they’ve shown good form so far. 

Convincing games against Kanga Esports and MAMMOTH last week have made crystal-clear that Pentanet aren’t messing around this split and have their eyes firmly fixed on taking the win at Dreamhack Melbourne’s live LCO final. As one of the two teams we dropped a match to during last split’s regular season, the team is wary of the damage Pentanet can do. However, we’re fully prepared to take whatever they can throw at us as hopefully a win here could take us to 4-0 for the season and an early lead in the race for the spot at Worlds. 

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