The Road to the Charlotte Major

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After faltering in the first round of the APAC playoffs to Talon Esports, we’d have to get through their fellow Korean team Sandbox Gaming to have any shot at making the major. A close first map didn't go our way but an incredibly clutch second and third maps gave us to the 2-1 victory and put only a single team between us and the Major.

Our final qualifying match couldn’t have looked like a bigger test. Standing between us and a spot at our second major were our third Korean team in a row, APAC North champions Damwon Kia, who were fresh off a top-four finish at the most recent major. Also standing in our way was the dreaded ping spike, as a few of our players were forced to relocate for the do-or-die qualification match.

A back-and-forward first half on Chalet put us at 3 rounds apiece in the opening match, courtesy of a clutch bouncin 4k to snap DK’s early momentum. The second half was a much smoother affair, and while DK took the opener on their attack, our defense stood firm and a few clean executions took us straight to 7-4 Map 1 victory. 

Map 2 started out a little shaky, as DK put three quick rounds on us before we were able to claw back the fourth and fifth to breathe life into our offense. DK snagged the last round of the first half and the opener of the second, putting us immediately into dire straits. However, a well-timed tactical pause gave the team enough time to reset their mental — and five rounds on the trot took us to the win and our spot at the Major!

Here’s the preview of the teams we’ll face in pool play at the Six Charlotte Major.

Chiefs vs Wolves Esports — Tuesday 17th May @ 12:30am (AEST) & Thursday 19th May @ 8am (AEST)

After being picked up by the Wolves only days before the Major, the former LFO have found themselves a home — but even before the name change they had a bite to be wary of. With a third of their games in the most recent European League going to overtime, the Wolves are no strangers to fighting ‘til the end — however having a penchant for close games can easily be a team’s downfall and we’re very prepared to punish the Wolves any chance we can get. 

Chiefs vs Team BDS — Tuesday 17th May @ 6:30am (AEST) & Wednesday 18th May @ 6:30am (AEST)

Europe’s second-seed qualifiers come into the Major eager to go one better than their 3rd/4th place finish in last year’s Mexico Major, but as we’ve already shown in our road to Charlotte, we’re no strangers to taking down major semifinalists. After triumphing in the European Finals last year, the roster has plenty of momentum in their tilt towards the championship, but a little bit of down under ingenuity can flip this matchup on its head. 

Chiefs vs Astralis — Wednesday 18th May @ 8am (AEST) & Thursday 19th May @ 6:30am (AEST)

Hailing from North America, Astralis only lost a single series in their league — in Week 1 to eventual runners-up Oxygen Esports — before going on an absolute tear through the rest of the competition, ending their campaign clear atop the North American League and taking the first seed from the region as a result.

They’re sure to present a challenge for our boys, but our run through the APAC Playoffs shows absolutely anything is possible. The focus for our boys has to be on Astralis’ star players iconic and Shuttle, and if we’re able to neutralise them from having too much of an impact on the game, there’s no reason we can once again prove that OCE > NA.

Best of luck lads, we’re sure you’ll do us and the rest of OCE proud. 

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