The Chiefs Esports Club and Buddybet team up for innovative team bonding campaign


Australia’s number one Esports organisation The Chiefs Esports Club (The Chiefs), has partnered with social betting platform Buddybet, to boost friendly competition between team members.   

The new campaign will see The Chief's team members challenge each other on the Buddybet app, creating a blend of the virtual and real world. These challenges can be for honour or cash, with fans able to get in on the action through comments, votes, and shares.

Buddybet is a first-of-its-kind social betting app that digitises the old-fashioned handshake bet between mates. With no odds, small limits on bets, and the ability to make a cashless ‘handshake’ bet, the platform prioritises socially responsible betting and fun interactions between users over big wins.  

 “The partnership is a natural fit given the spirit of competitiveness and healthy pride that flows between teammates.” said Nick Bobir, Chief Executive Officer of The Chiefs Esports Club. 

“Everyone loves being competitive with their mates and challenging them to pull off odd tricks or unlikely dares – that’s especially true of the esports community,” Mr Bobir continued. 

“Buddybet provides an authentic way to add some structure and accountability to these challenges, as well as an opportunity to jump in with a cheeky comment or response. That interactivity and irreverence really aligns with us and should lead to plenty of fun moments.”

“We’re always looking for ways to strengthen the bonds between our team members – it’s what has helped The Chiefs become the leading gaming brand across both Australia and New Zealand. Buddybet will give us a powerful platform for team bonding and interaction, regardless of physical distance.”    

With a significant part of the platform focussing on esports challenges, Buddybet is excited to partner with a leader in the field, says Manal Iqbal, Buddybet Chief Executive Officer.

“Buddybet is all about the community of users and in The Chiefs we’ve found a passionate, creative and vibrant community. Their Country Club headquarters is the perfect spot for creators to engage in out there challenges to see who reigns supreme. Whether it’s a 1v1, a race around the pool, or an eating competition, if The Chiefs can dream it, they can Buddybet it,” Ms Iqbal said.

“This partnership is part of our larger expansion into the world of professional gaming, with users able to have friendly wagers between their mates or public users on professional esports matches, alongside traditional sports, reality TV, celebrities and more.”

You can download the Buddybet app for free on the Google Play and IOS App Store today -


Buddybet is an 18+ app that provides customers with a social platform to conduct challenges, wagers on games of skill and track performance records. The platform can be used entirely for free with handshake only agreements, or can include wagering either among friends or against other customers. 

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