ICON Esports Appoints Ben Dixon to Board of Directors

Leading Australian & New Zealand gaming and esports organisation The Chiefs Esports Club (“The Chiefs”), operated by parent company ICON Esports Pty Ltd (“ICON”), has appointed Ben Dixon to its board of directors. 

ICON, who announced a multi-million dollar capital raise in February after investment from SQID Techologies (“SQID”) (CSE: SQID) to further expand the commercial and business activity across its network, have put together a strong leadership group among its board of directors with extensive experience in a range of business fields including fintech, investment banking, social media, influencer marketing and traditional sports.

Ben Dixon is a former AFL player for the Hawthorn Football Club with over 200 games played between 1995 - 2007 and as a key forward he is one of Hawthorne’s top goal kickers of all-time with 282 career goals. While playing at the highest level he frequently appeared in media and following his successful AFL career he transitioned into his role at Fox Sports in 2011 as an expert analyst, boundary commentator and media host. He’s no stranger to business either, as the co-founder of the influencer platform Vello, which he’s recently taken on the role of CEO, being instrumental in taking actions to enhance the company’s acceleration to market.

“I’m proud to accept the appointment to the board of ICON,” said Ben Dixon, CEO of Vello. “Ever since the team filled me in on the world of gaming and esports I’ve become fascinated with the opportunities available in the space. With my experience as a player, coach, business practices and dealing with media - I am confident I can help drive all areas of the business to achieve the deep ambition the ICON team has in mind.”

“We’re very excited to bring Ben on board,” said Nick Bobir, CEO of ICON. “He brings so much experience to the table and a ton of energy that can help lead us through our upcoming ecommerce business and from his first hand knowledge of influencer marketing and traditional media. It’s great to share the passion with someone just as excited as we are for the future and we look forward to continuing to grow as a company this year.”

About ICON & The Chiefs

ICON Esports has been at the forefront of shaping the commercial landscape of the Oceanic esports and gaming market through brand driven marketing campaigns and partnerships to it’s gaming & esport audience. Since ICON acquired The Chiefs Esports Club in 2019 the club has gone from strength to strength, executing comprehensive marketing campaigns for global brands across it’s wide range of digital channels and media assets while also undertaking large live brand activations. ICON & The Chiefs connect brands to their audience through a network of influencers and pro esport teams.

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