About Us



The Chiefs are a premier Electronic Sports organisation in Australia, boasting top teams in various competitive video games.

The Chiefs were founded in August, 2014 by the members of the top League of Legends team in Australia Since then, we have endeavoured to achieve always excellence in esports and gaming entertainment, focusing on consistent strong performances and maintaining dominance over the Oceanic scene.

Since then the club has achieved:

  • Four time champions of the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL)
  • Four time Australian representatives at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) competitions
  • Oceanic representation at the International Rocket League Championship (RLCS) and ELEAGUE for Rocket League!


Oceanic Pro League Grand Finals, Brisbane QLD 2016




Behind the Chiefs there is more than just a blue and white shield. The fans, the stories, the players, the people and the partners are what give our shield strength.  Our values mean a significant deal to us and define us not only as a club, an organisation and a family.

  • Competitive – it’s in our nature to be the best
  • Heart – we act with passion, spirit and humility
  • Innovative – we have a strong desire to constantly progress and improve
  • Entertaining – we are storytellers and always want to share our journey
  • Fans – we are always one with our fans
  • Strength – we believe it’s important to be resilient and face all adversity head on


Intel Extreme Masters, Sydney NSW 2017 – Photo by Helena-Kristiansson





League of Legends

  OPL 2015 Split 1, Split 2 Champions
  OPL 2016 Split 1, Split 2 Champions
  OPL 2017 Split 2 2nd
  OPL 2018 Split 1 2nd
  IEM 2016 Oakland Challenger Qualifier 2nd
  IEM 2016 Oakland Oceania Representatives
  IWCQ 2016 Brazil Oceania Representatives

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  World Cyber Arena 2017 – Asia Pacific – 1st
  ESEA Season 26 Premier OCE Division – 1st
  CyberGamer Pro League Championship 2017 – 1st
  CyberGamer Pro League Season 11 – 1st
  CyberGamer Pro League Season 10 – 1st
  CyberGamer Premier League Season 4 – 1st
  World Esports Games League 2017 Invitational – 2nd
  ESL ANZ Championship Season 2 – 2nd
  IEM Sydney 2017 – 5th
  IEM Sydney 2018 – 13-16th
  IEM Taipei 2016 – 3rd/4th
  ESEA Season 26 Global Challenge – 5th/6th
  ESEA Season 22 Global Challenge – 7th/8th
  IeSF World Championship 2017 – 5th-8th

Rocket League

  ESL AU&NZ Season 2 and Season 3 Champions
  Throwdown RLOC Season 4 Champions
  Throwdown Esports Open Series 2018 1st
  Mock-it Esports Championship Season 2 OCE 1st
  RLCS World Champs 2018 London, 5th
  RLCS World Champs 2017 Washington D.C, 7th/8th
  ELEAGUE World Cup: Rocket League 5th/6th


ELEAGUE Rocket League World Cup, Atlanta, United States of America 2017





We at The Chiefs wholeheartedly believe that we have the best fanbase in OCE esports. Through constant support across all of our social media networks, at live events national & international and through our store sales, it’s easy to see.


Oceanic Pro League Finals, Brisbane, QLD 2016


Our story doesn’t just end there, it begins with YOU.