The Chiefs tighten their grip on LCO, clinch playoffs position


After breaking the first place tie breaker against Peace last week, The Chiefs have officially locked in their spot for the Split 1 Playoffs. 


Following a gruelling back-to-back-to-back set of super weeks in the LCO, the Chiefs came out completely unscathed winning 9 straight games and cementing their spot in the Playoffs. All that is left to do now is hold first position to avoid the gauntlet and book a ticket straight to the Grand Final.



With 6 games remaining, The Chiefs have their sites set on the LCO win streak held by PGG (13). With promising performances on stage and off, we are sure the team will only get stronger as we head into the back end of Split 1.


Tune in next week on to see if the boys can claim the winstreak title for their own, and extend the gap between the top three teams.
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