The Chiefs Breach Into Rainbow Six Siege

The Chiefs have completed the acquisition of North American organisation - Team Elevate's Tom Clancey's Rainbow Six | Siege roster and league slots in Ubisoft's APAC South Division, Oceanic Nationals and point standing for the Six Invitational.

"We've been keeping our eyes on Rainbow Six for several years now. We love everything that Ubisoft have been doing in the space, in particular their willingness to work hand in hand with esports organisations to create a thriving esports ecosystem" said Nick Bobir, CEO of The Chiefs.

"We touched base with Ubisoft several times a year to see if the right opportunity ever became available. Finally everything clicked into place with a strong performing team and a great group of guys willing to do what it takes to keep climbing. We couldn't be happier to dive head first into the scene."



You can catch The Chiefs in in action tonight in their APAC South Division game against Wildcard Gaming at 5:30pm live on

The Chiefs - Rainbow Six | Siege:

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