One step closer to Split 1 glory - LCO Preview: Playoffs

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“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." - Sun Tzu

Coming into our upper bracket battle against Pentanet.GG, our dominant League of Legends roster is looking to go back to the basics to ensure victory and a spot in the Grand Final in two weeks’ time. Despite being unable to scrim PGG so far this season, a tough loss to the former champions in the final week of the regular season gave us a valuable read on how they want to play the game — and with that knowledge the result of tonight’s match is certain. 

While putting up a convincing 3-0 performance over defending champions PEACE last night to knock them into the lower bracket, Pentanet come into our clash tonight having laid at least some of their playbook bare. While they were able to individually outclass the members of PEACE yesterday, that won’t be so easy against us tonight as focus and introspection is a one-way ticket to victory.  

Sun Tzu also wisely said that “in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” and for our premier teamfighting outfit, creating conflict early will be key to success. With PGG excelling if they can get some gold into their carries, playing spoiler to a smooth early game should give our team a strong advantage. 

To do that, we’ll be looking to Arthur to get in the way of rival Korean jungler BalKhan as much possible. Arthur has gone from strength to strength this split, putting together multiple highlight plays as he either snowballs out of control or enables the rest of the team to set their own snowballs rolling. If he gets onto a playmaker, every bush could be a one-way ticket to a grey screen for the members of PGG. 

While Winterer’s Malphite dominated the first game against PEACE yesterday, his Unstoppable Force is about to meet Topoon’s Immovable Object as our own rock in the top looks to cement his claim as the premier toplaner in Oceania. Both toplaners are a cut above the rest of the competition, but the consistency Topoon has shown on all manner of champions gives him a massive advantage. 

Moving down to the midlane, Tally has been immense so far this split. The veteran has regularly bested all contenders and tonight’s series against Yuri will be no exception. Tally has shown repeatedly he’s just as skilled at enabling his team as he is at taking down the entire opposition by himself, and with his champion ocean it will be extremely hard to keep him down. 

PGG also need to be keeping an eye out on the botlane, because if they’re not looking, a hook from Dragku might appear out of nowhere to send them to the depths. Our veteran support has been all class this split on his favoured engage champions and with Raes by his side to unleash pain on Praedyth and Rogue, there’s going to be no escape for the Pentanet botlane. 

Clear your schedules and make sure you load up by 6pm AEDT/8pm NZDT as two Oceanic heavyweights do battle in the all-important fourth scrim of the year for a spot in the LCO Grand Final and get one step closer to representing Oceania at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational. 

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