LCO Week 7 Preview: Kanga Esports and Mammoth

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The undefeated streak is still alive for our League boys, sweeping aside Peace and the Dire Wolves last week to move to 13-0 as the second round robin of the split comes to a close. This week we get to take to the Rift against two plucky underdogs, with a win here being extra important for Kanga as they look to break into the playoff pack. 


Chiefs v Kanga Esports (Monday 18th July, 8pm AEST)

The last time we took to the Rift against Kanga, we stomped them in a near-perfect 22-minute bloodbath that was only ruined by Topoon inting away a kill in the dying moments. Despite that, it was one of our most dominant victories of the split, amassing a 20k gold lead while the whole team put up phenomenal KDAs.


In recent times Kanga has been able to bounce up the ladder, stringing together a four-match winning streak including scalps over Peace and Dire Wolves, before they ran straight into Order to move to 6-7 so far this split. They’ve shown potential to take important games away from teams when presented the opportunity, so the goal is to not give them an inch so they can bounce forward a mile. 


Chiefs v Mammoth (Tuesday 19th July, 7pm AEST)

Twice before this split we’ve thumped Mammoth to kick off the round robin, and we’re looking to repeat the feat on Tuesday to kick off the home stretch with a bang. Both times we’ve faced we’ve claimed the season record for highest gold per minute, and our current form could very well mean we put up split-best numbers once again. 


Since we last fought, Mammoth have once again taken down Peace to take their win-loss record over last year’s Worlds reps to 2-0, raising the question, are they Peace’s boogeymen? One fact is for certain though, we’re not about our win streak die so easily with the momentum we’ve built up both against Mammoth and the rest of the LCO.


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