Farewell Chief Rival and Chief Macka

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With the conclusion of Call of Duty World Championships, the Chiefs are sad announce today the departure of Jack “Rival” Prendergast and James “Macka” McKenzie from our Call of Duty Roster.

The pair had a flourishing career during their time on Chiefs, having competed in magnificent events such as the Crown Invitational, where they narrowly missed out on the chance to play North American giants Optic Gaming after falling 3-4 series to Tainted Minds.

In addition to Crown, the team competed at the Cybergamer LAN, Call of Duty World League Stage 2 Finals and Call of Duty Championships both held in California, with CoD Champs boasting the biggest stage of any Call of duty event ever.

“Hey guys. As some of you might know and others who don’t, I am leaving the team (Chiefs) due to wanting to fully commit on the rest of VCE. Also as a core four I don’t think we work together as well anymore. We tried to fix it but as team I think we hit our peak. Had an amazing time this year from the qualifiers with SKF to champs with Chiefs. Big thanks to everyone who supported me and the team this year!”Jack “Rival” Prendergast

The past 8 or so months have been a wild ride, we’ve had many highs as well as some lows. It’s been nothing but a blast being apart of Chiefs, they’ve been nothing but amazing, but I’ve come to the decision that I will no longer be competing as I am wanting to focus on finishing my UNI degree.
James “Macka” McKenzie

Chiefs would like to wish them all the best in their future careers and endeavours with special mention to Jack, who will be undertaking his final examinations for Year 12 later this year.

Team captain Hopey and Dean will be remaining and taking a new squad to the next iteration of Call of Duty and looking to build on our solid performance in this years’ CoD World League.