Fortnite Website Announcement

Introducing Chiefs Fortnite

FORTNITE? A global phenomenon, Fortnite and it’s community possess a ton of excitement and passion for the title published by Epic Games. What we love about the game is its combination of accessibility, fun and high skill ceiling. Doubtless, we’ve all seen the many highlight clips, both entertaining and exciting in nature. As such, we […]


DizzyLife Returns to Chiefs CS:GO

The Chiefs Esports Club have signed Kyran ‘dizzylife‘ Crombie to our CS:GO roster. Dizzy was a member of the first Chiefs CS:GO roster the club acquired in 2014-15 alongside Nova, Lightstep, Ofnu and Zewsy. Following competitive stints in several different clubs over the past year, Dizzy took a brief hiatus before returning to competition as a […]

BKSama announcement

Chiefs Launch Street Fighter Division Signing Kevin ‘bksama’ Nguyen

With the upcoming Gfinity Australia Elite Series featuring competitions in CSGO, Rocket League and Street Fighter, the Chiefs Esports Club are joining the exciting world of the FGC with the signing of Kevin ‘bksama’ Nguyen to our SFV division! One of the oldest and iconic gaming franchises, Street Fighter is often hailed as being the father of modern […]