Chiefs League of Legends Roster 2016 Announcement!

Daniel Cheese Brown - Player Announcement
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Today we are happy to announce our League of Legends roster for the 2016 Oceanic Pro League campaign!

You’ll be happy to hear that our core roster remains unchanged since OPL Split 2, 2015. Returning are your fan favourites, with Raydere and EGym dominating the bot lane, Swip3rR holding down the fort top, Spookz roaming the jungle and Swiffer establishing his presence in mid.

Joining our extended squad consisting of Points and Rosey is Daniel ‘lQdChEeSe’ Brown! Formerly of YSSC and Team Immunity, Cheese is a veteran of the mid-lane, known for his pocket Swain play. Playing under ‘CHF Cheese’ in the OPL, Cheese will be filling in for Swiffer during the first half of split 1 while Swiffer is overseas, and until Swiffer is ready to return to competitive play.

‘I’m very excited to be back in the competitive scene.’ Says Cheese, ‘Whilst I will have big shoes to fill, I am very confident I will work well with the rest of Chiefs and hope to bring their awesome fans strong results.’

Please join us in welcoming Cheese to the squad. You can follow him on Twitter at @lQdChEeSe.

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