Zeph, Soju, & Vexite join Chiefs CSGO

Zeph, Soju, & Vexite join Chiefs CSGO

Chiefs | May 22, 2020

The Chiefs CSGO roster is now complete. Staying true to our Counter Strike programs developmental philosophy, this new roster blends experience and young players hungry to prove themselves to form an exciting new look for our CSGO future.

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Charlie ‘zeph‘ Dodd joins the lineup after stints in other experienced teams in the last two years such as Avant, ORDER, and Ground Zero. Despite his age the 17 year old brings a huge amount of experience to the roster and is hungry prove himself at the top.

Jay ‘Soju_j‘ Jeong also has a strong background with ANZ top teams including Legacy where he competed at IEM Sydney 2018 (with current Chiefs player HUGHMUNGUS also in that roster) and Avant where he played in the Asia Minor.

Declan ‘Vexite‘ Portelli has been making a lot of impact in the scene recently and turning a lot of heads, at just 15 years old he has a bright future ahead of him. His raw talent and ability to learn from his teammates makes him a perfect addition to close out our lineup.

*Some tournaments have a 16+ age limit and for these The Chiefs will have a substitute fill during these matches until Vexite can compete.