DizzyLife Returns to Chiefs CS:GO

TJ Bird | May 15, 2018

The Chiefs Esports Club have signed Kyran ‘dizzylife‘ Crombie to our CS:GO roster.

Dizzy was a member of the first Chiefs CS:GO roster the club acquired in 2014-15 alongside Nova, Lightstep, Ofnu and Zewsy. Following competitive stints in several different clubs over the past year, Dizzy took a brief hiatus before returning to competition as a member of our 2018 starting roster.

Known for his aggressive AWP-ing style, sharp aim, and a confident level of game sense, Dizzy will bring an unrivalled dynamic style of play to the Chiefs roster.

As a result, we have placed Euan ‘Sterling‘ Moore into reserves, pending his release. As an up and coming player who fast rose the ranks, Sterling proved he was a worthy addition, matching up with the best Division 1 players and the best international talent at IEM Sydney. Whilst we are very confident in Sterling’s abilities to frag, we believe the team dynamic was not the right fit for him to achieve his immense potential as a player, and that he would achieve success developing his own style.

Dizzy will be playing in the upcoming ESEA League Season 28 with the following team:

  • Kyran ‘dizzylife‘ Crombie
  • Tyler ‘tucks‘ Reilly
  • Matthew ‘Texta‘ O’Rouke
  • Samuel ‘flickz‘ Jones
  • Mike ‘ap0c‘ Aliferis
  • Alex ‘MAGIKKK‘ Langusch (Coach)

Make sure you follow him on Twitter at @Dizzyaus!