Oceanic Pro League: Week One Recap

Chiefs League of Legends split games with Mammoth and Dire Wolves in the opening week of OPL

TJ Bird | June 11, 2019

Split 2 of the 2019 Oceanic Pro League season started with a bang for the Chiefs, facing star-studded Mammoth and the new look Dire Wolves, featuring two Korean imports from LMS and LCK backgrounds. Despite a dominant early game and holding a lead throughout the entire match, including when our nexus fell, Chiefs dropped their opening game to Mammoth but bounced back and claimed a solid 30 minute victory over Dire Wolves.

Game One: Mammoth

Game 1 of the split started in positive fashion, with AD Carry Raes claiming first blood along with the top/jungle duo of Swip3rR and Only taking down newcomer Fudge in the top-laner, and Mammoth mid-laner Triple shortly after following a botched Teleport.

Champion Select for Game 1 vs Mammoth.

However first game nerves, a lack of disciplined team-fighting and a few bad decisions ended up costing us dearly, with Mammoth’s k1ng on Sivir eventually outscaling the Chiefs composition and leading Mammoth to a 40 minute victory, despite a huge gold deficit at the time the Nexus exploded.

Match history for the Mammoth game can be found here.

Game Two: Dire Wolves

Champion Select for Game 2 vs Dire Wolves.

The Dire Wolves game was an almost opposite affair, with a shaky early game after conceding first blood. However, a massive and timely team-fight in the top lane swung the game in our favour,

Following this, the textbook decisive team-fighting that has defined the Swip3rR and Raes led Chiefs for many splits drove home a strong victory, notching our first W for the split and giving the Dire Wolves imports a warm welcome to the OPL.

Match history for the Dire Wolves game can be found here.

Next week, we face off against Gravitas and last split’s champions, Bombers. Don’t miss it!

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