Oceanic Pro League Week 2 Preview

Chiefs take on Gravitas and defending champions Bombers for the first time this split

Frank Li | June 13, 2019

After a disappointing loss to start off the split against Mammoth, where the Chiefs squad held a substantial gold lead the entire game even as the nexus was falling, the squad looks to bounce back with a 2-0 week against Gravitas and Bombers this weekend.

Game 1 vs Gravitas – Friday 14th of June, 4pm AEST (Blue Side)

Gravitas, the newcomers to the OPL who acquired the spot belong to Chiefs Academy after the 2018 squad promoted into the league have had mixed results in their inaugural split. With head to head the only thing separating them and ORDER from a gauntlet berth, the squad will no doubt look to improve on their placement in this split. As one of the few teams who didn’t make any roster changes in the mid-season break, Gravitas remain a dangerous opponent as they can pull out many unpredictable picks in the champ select. Their synergy from split 1 will carry over and we can expect strong team-fighting from the squad led by the previous Legacy Esports bot-lane duo of Raid and Decoy.

Determining factors in this match will come down to faster rotations and macro play to gain advantages in team-fights, of which there will be many. Gravitas top-laner and 2018 All-Star Pabu will no doubt be a wildcard in the match up, boasting several unique playstyles and champions to bring to champion select. Chiefs may consider matching this with a wildcard of our own in Thien, the 6th man having potentially a stronger lane match up against the All-Star 1v1 runner up.

Game 2 vs Bombers – Saturday 15th of June, 5pm AEST (Red Side)

Last years’ champions looked dominant all split, dropping only 2 matches in the regular season (to us btw) and taking a clean 3-0 victory in the Grand Final. At MSI, the squad performed admirably in a group featuring both Turkey and Vietnam, traditionally two of the strongest wildcard regions, taking a victory from Phong Vu Buffalo who went on to advance to the main group stage.

However, this Bombers lineup is vastly changed from split 1, with arguably two of their power players in FBI and Balkhan leaving to NA Academy and Turkey respectively. However, the squad is not to be trifled with, featuring last split’s MVP in Mimic in the top-lane, dynamic mid-laner Ryoma, of Chiefs 2018 fame and another Korean import jungler Wilder. Despite their slow start to the split, a key focus for the Chiefs squad will be exploiting the mismatch in the bottom-lane, as former Bombers mid-laner Looch is still settling into his role switch to AD Carry and not yet experiencing the Perkz-esque transition. However, it’s safe to say both squads will be praying for a fast victory either way in order to make it to the BLACKPINK concert in time at Sydney Olympic Park later that evening.

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