Oceanic Pro League Week 1 Preview – Mammoth and Dire Wolves

Chiefs League of Legends kick off their split 2 campaign Friday 7th of June at 7pm

Frank Li | June 6, 2019

The 7th of June will see Split 2 of the Oceanic Pro League kick off. The champion of this split will be the Oceanic Worlds Play-In representatives, everything is on the line as teams chase that ever elusive representation on the world stage.

The Chiefs kick off proceedings against the team many dubbed a ‘super team’, Mammoth. Featuring two players from the 2018 Chiefs roster, which finished runners-up to Dire Wolves in both splits that year, Mammoth failed to live up to expectations in the first half of the year, finishing with an 11-10 record after a slow start, then dropping to ORDER in the gauntlet to finish 5th overall. Don’t let this fool you however, as they are a team bursting with skill, experience and raw talent. Boasting 8 OPL titles between the players, Mammoth recently added what many touted as one of the best top laner prospects in Fudge, who was too young to compete in the OPL until now, to round out a 6 man roster.

The Chiefs squad will need to come out of the gates fast, as a hot early game will be vital in securing an advantage against a team very experienced in different mid to late game scenarios. The key playing in this matchup will be our top laner. It will be a gametime decision as to whether Brandon ‘Swip3rR’ Holland or Romeo ‘Thien’ Tran will start, as both bring different strengths to the top side of the map.

Thien (left) and Swip3rR (right) form the Chiefs LoL team’s new top lane by committee system as both will look to share game-time heading into Split 2. 

I always enjoy playing against my old teammates, so whenever I play ORDER, Mammoth or Bombers I feel a little bit tingly and pumped. If I play this weekend I’m going to pop off. – Swip3rR

Game two of our opening weekend is against the Dire Wolves, the kings of 2018 who stood in the way of our 5th and 6th OPL titles with 3-2 and 3-1 Grand Final wins respectively. The Wolfpack had an inauspicious start to 2019 where they were the worst team in the league with an abysmal 1-20 record, leading to a decision to completely overhaul their roster. Turning to 2 imports in Raise in the Jungle and Totoro as Support, DW also brought in OPL journeyman Siuman and newcomer Katsurii to round off the roster changes.

It will be hard to predict how these South Korean imports come together. Will the age-old strategy of ‘when in doubt, turn to Korea’ pay dividends as it did for Bombers in Split 1, or will it take some time for the new squad to find synergy? What we know for sure is that Raise and Totoro both come with immense talent and experience, with Raise having played in major regions such as the LCK and the LMS as recently as Split 1 this year.

A victory in this matchup will be reliant off the back of big performances from Chiefs Jungler Only and support Eyla, as they look to match and neutralise their import counter-parts. Despite Split 1 being his debut, Eyla has demonstrated composure under pressure, making clutch play after clutch play en route to a 19-3 regular Split record and second place finish in his first taste of OPL.

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