Welcome Babip to the 2018 Chiefs OPL Squad

Welcome Babip to the 2018 Chiefs OPL Squad

December 20, 2017

The Chiefs are happy to announce that Babip will be carrying the shield as the Jungler for our 2018 OPL squad!

Filling the shoes of longtime Jungler Spookz, Babip is one of the most promising rookies in 2018. Sitting behind OPL great Tim ‘Carbon’ Wendel at Legacy for the past 2 years, Babip has competitive experience competing in the OCS, as well as representing Queensland in the League of Origin event this year.

Eager to prove himself, Babip brings a strong mechanical base with significant experience in a competitive environment as the in-house sub for Legacy last year. Combined with the hunger to prove himself on the big stage, and synergy with Ryoma from their team in Legacy Genesis, Babip was a strong choice for the club moving forward. At 19 years of age, Babip heralds a new age for the club, working alongside veterans such as Swip3rR and Destiny to develop the long term success and future of the Chiefs.

“Following Spookz’s departure, we considered several options at jungle, with our criteria ranging from players who specialise in experience, shotcalling, mechanical prowess and game knowledge. Ultimately, we decided young, local talent was the right direction for the club. Bringing in Babip, who is both a strong mechanical player as well as someone with experience in a competitive environment. Having played under Carbon for 2 years, I believe Leo is able to transition his raw ability into an OPL environment very quickly. The Korea bootcamp will be key for his development, but I am confident Leo brings an incredible amount of raw potential to the table which will allow us to surpass our previous feats as a club in no time.” – Frank Li, owner and founder.

Babip is currently in Korea with the team in our pre-season bootcamp, preparing for the 2018 OPL season. You can follow him on Twitter @BabipOCE.

With that announcement, our full starting roster for 2018 is complete.

Top: Swip3rR

Jungle: Babip

Mid: Ry0ma

ADC: Raes

Support: Destiny

Coach: Phantiks