Statement: Raes Suspension

Statement: Raes Suspension

TJ Bird | December 20, 2017

We have been informed Monday by Riot Games Oceania that Quin ‘Raes’ Korebrits has received a 2 game suspension for in game behaviour. Full article here.

We are very disappointed with the outcome, and will work with Quin to ensure his development and direction as a professional player. Quin is an incredibly passionate competitor, and it is vitally important we ensure this is well managed so that he develops in a progressive and positive manner for the future, both for his own, his teammates and the community’s sake.

As a professional player, there can be no grey area for behaviour, and at the Chiefs we will not tolerate any negative behaviour that may or may not toe the line, regardless of the provocation or situation involved.

Apologies to our fans for the disappointing outcome, however we are positive this will not materially affect our overall outcome in split 1. The team are working hard to grow as a starting 5 in South Korea, and will be ready come 2018.

We will announce our stand in closer to the start of the OPL.