Champzzzz Moves to PUBG Coach

Champzzzz Moves to PUBG Coach

September 6, 2018

Nicholas ‘Champzzzz’ Champion and the Chiefs PUBG team have come to the decision of having Champzzzz step down from the active PUBG roster and move into a Coach/Analyst role. Nicholas said this about his decision in his latest tweet:

“Something I’ve been keeping pretty close to the chest for the last for the last 6-7 months is that I’ve been having some rather annoying RSI issues with my arms and I’ve been trying to keep on top of it the best i can but unfortunately hindsight is always 20/20 and with the announcement of PGI i probably went a bit overboard there for a while with practice/game time and was naive in the fact i thought i could keep band-aid fixing a problem that was getting worse pretty quickly. 

Unfortunately this has come to a head and I’m now having issues on a day to day basis and I’m gonna have to step back from actively playing for a while to get on top of this before i do permanent damage.

So I’m gonna be stepping into a coach/analysis roll for the boys whilst I’m not playing and do whatever i can to help make the transition as smooth as possible for the upcoming leagues and events for the lads!”

We wish Nicholas a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing his extensive knowledge experience of the game further reflect well on the results of the team.

A fourth player will soon be announced for upcoming official competitions.

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