Introducing Chiefs Fortnite

Introducing Chiefs Fortnite

TJ Bird | May 31, 2018


A global phenomenon, Fortnite and it’s community possess a ton of excitement and passion for the title published by Epic Games. What we love about the game is its combination of accessibility, fun and high skill ceiling. Doubtless, we’ve all seen the many highlight clips, both entertaining and exciting in nature. As such, we are excited to welcome the Oceanic Fortnite team formerly known as GaaaaaaangGang to the Chiefs Pro and Content Creation Teams!

Boasting a number of players with strong competitive pedigrees in H1Z1, the team recently tied first in the inaugural OCE scrim season, accumulating 23 podium finishes out of  the 30 matches played. We are excited to work with such highly mechanical players, with a penchant for exciting and high octane plays, and to provide a strong platform for their growth as competitive Fortnite players and gaming content creators!

Epic Games’ announcement of a $100,000,00 commitment to the competitive Fortnite Prize Pool in the 2018-2019 season gives us confidence in a developer that cares about the competitive infrastructure and landscape of their title. As such, we want to honour the commitment of Epic Games, the fans and the players and honour all the passion and drive to compete that we hold so dear to our values at the Chiefs. Without further ado, please welcome the following players to the inaugural Chiefs Fortnite Pro Team!



Abdullah ‘Parpy’ Khudeish

“I am thrilled and honoured to say that I will be joining Chiefs, I can’t wait to take on this new chapter in my esports journey as I have been grinding for this opportunity for a very long time. Hope to make everyone proud.” – @YaBoyParpy

Dale ‘Synq‘ Mulvogue

“I’m excited to join Chiefs and for the future of Fortnite especially in the OCE scene, I strongly believe that OCE has the best Battle Royale teams and I can’t wait to show off what the region has to offer. The next few weeks are going to be crazy and i’m keen to see what is in store for us and the community.”– @SynqOCE

Isaac ‘SnackZz‘ Thomas

“Stoked to be able to say that I’ll have the privilege of joining Chiefs and competing and playing along side some of the best players in the OCE region. Cant wait for what the future holds with Chiefs.”– @SnackyMcSnacks

Arthur ‘Radius‘ Gouzos

“As a former Rocket League player, Chiefs was always the team I looked up to and supported and now to join Chiefs as a Fortnite player is honestly a dream come true. Can’t wait to see what challenges the future has in store for us.”– @RadiusPG

Reihana ‘slaya‘ Green (Sub)

“I’m excited to join Chiefs, I have always looked up to Chiefs especially the CS:GO side of things. I am very thankful for this opportunity we have been given and I’m excited for what the future holds for us!”– @slayagod

Benjamin ‘nfty‘ Hall (Manager)

“I’m honoured to say that I’ll be a part of the Chiefs team in 2018. I strongly feel that in Battle Royals OCE has a strong presence and I’m excited to see what both OCE and other regions have to offer. The esports Scene for Fortnite is blowing up right now, and we as a team will be doing our best to make sure that we’ll be taking a part of that 100mil prize pool!”– @nftycent



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