Interview with Chiefs Academy Substitute Farmer

"When I was told that I would have to play for sure I just focused on what I could do in the amount of time I had"

Frank Li | September 19, 2018

On the 8th of September, Chiefs Academy arrived at the Riot Games studios to play their Promotion/Relegation match into the OPL against Tectonic. However, the team were travelling with an unexpected member. George ‘Farmer’ Normore, the substitute AD Carry joined the squad mid-season to fill the shoes left by gunkrab who was standing-in for, ironically, Tectonic in the OPL. In the weeks following our victory in the OCS Grand Finals, our starting mid-laner Omni was plagued by passport issues, and the team made the call to have Farmer fill in mid for one of the biggest series of their lives.

The result that followed was both somewhat unexpected and incredible. With a swift 3-0, the boys in blue demolished the OPL team and became the second Chiefs Academy team to win their Promotion/Relegation series in a clean sweep.

Perhaps the most unexpected narrative of the weekend was our young substitute AD Carry and how comfortable he was being thrust into an unfamiliar environment. Playing both his first LAN series, as well as off-role, Farmer was instrumental in our victory. We sat down with the young up and coming star to learn more about his incredible journey!

Q. You just played in your first live LoL match, and it was the OPL Promo/Relegation match, and you came out with a 3-0 against a reigning OPL team. How do you feel?

I think I was pretty overwhelmed at first but now that everything’s settled down I’m just super happy about the whole experience. I’ve always wanted an opportunity to play on stage and I’m glad it went so well.

Q. You found out you were subbing in the mid-lane 2 weeks before the match. What was going through your mind and how do did you prepare for the new role?

I actually only found out that I might be needed a week before the match and we only locked it in 4 days before. Initially the only thought going through my mind was that I wasn’t good enough in the Mid role to not be a massive liability. But when I was told that I would have to play for sure I just focused on what I could do in the amount of time I had. One big thing that really helped me out was spending a bunch of hours playing 1v1’s against a good mid main to just try and learn enough so I didn’t have difficulties in lane. This also helped me see what I was already good enough on to play decently.

Q. You came to Australia from the United States last year. What did you think about the North American server, and do you think there’s a big difference between NA and OCE solo queue?

Other than the difference in size of the player base the biggest thing about NA soloq compared to OCE is the number of OTPs (One Trick Ponies) running around. If you get to a certain point in high-diamond you are basically playing games with 9 OTPs and it feels like the games can be decided by whoever is on their main/role. There are also a lot more players in Master tier so the separation between Challenger players and Master players is a lot more obvious.

Q. Now that the OCS has finished, what are your future goals/aspirations after this OCS season. Are you looking forward to competing in the OPL?

My goal has always been to play in the OPL and be competitive there so if I was given that opportunity It would be a huge deal for me. Realistically though I feel like I still have a lot of proving to do so I’m not expecting much. I’m just going to keep working and whatever opportunity comes up I’m going to try my best to deliver!