Farewell Jinxx, Mayker & Skullhunter

Farewell Jinxx, Mayker & Skullhunter

Chiefs | May 15, 2020

“These are never easy to write and especially when it surrounds 3 players that have been part of a core lineup for such a long time and whom we have really become close to as an organisation in the time they have been with us. Today we farewell Chris ‘Jinxx’ Moseley, Daryl ‘Mayker’ May, and Jordan ‘Skullhunter’ Newland. This team played a total of 200+ games together and have been a long standing testament to sticking together, it is hard to see this change but sometimes changes for many different reasons are best.

Jinx is retiring from competitive CSGO indefinitely to focus on other pursuits and we wish him nothing but the absolute best in this and to enjoy his well deserved rest post CSGO. With Jinx moving on there was an overall decision for Mayker & Skullhunter to depart the team as well and we can’t wait to vs them on another team soon and being on the receiving end of their carnage will be a big change.

We are currently in the process of welcoming new players to the Chiefs lineup and we will announce these soon. Our Counter Strike program vision of fostering young talent and believing in and developing that talent over a period of time is something we strongly believe in and is a focus we are strongly adhering to with this roster. We are here for the long haul and committed to the Counter Strike scene.”

Sincerely ,
Nick Bobir
CEO – The Chiefs