The Chiefs OPL Split 2 Roster: Valuing Consistency and Team Chemistry

The Chiefs OPL Split 2 Roster: Valuing Consistency and Team Chemistry

TJ Bird | June 2, 2019

Today, we announce the changes to our 2019 Split 2 OPL Roster: none.

At the Chiefs, one of the key focuses in our esports program has been the cultivation of consistent growth and improvement in not only as a team but individual players as well. Homegrown talent and advancing Oceania’s capabilities on the world stage are vital to us.

After an incredible regular split in Split 1, our flaws were exposed in the gauntlet run. We know as a team we have room for improvement, but we’re excited to do it with the same roster that secured a winning record against every team in the regular split.

The gauntlet showed that it is vital for the squad to maintain their composure on stage, during high pressure scenarios. Between players like Brandon ‘Swip3rR’ Holland and Bill ‘Eyla’ Nguyen, we have a solid mix of veteran experience and rookie perspectives.

Left to right: Only, Thien, Claire, Volt, Raes, Swip3rR. In the air: Eyla

In the second split, Chiefs coaching staff Tim ‘Volt’ Clay and Andy ‘Cupcake’ Van der Vyver have identified a greater role for current Chiefs sixth man, Top laner Romeo ‘Thien’ Tran.

As the meta develops into a state where flex picks between Mid and Top lanes are becoming important in drafts, Thien’s flexibility with carry champions will bring a diversity to our strategy working in cohesion with Swip3rR’s weak-side play and team-fighting.

“The addition of Thien this year adds some much needed flexibility to our team playstyle. allowing us to expand to new composition possibilities and ensure our drafts are as effective as possible against every opponent. After an entire split of attending every OPL game, watching every scrim and absorbing as much as he can from the sidelines, we’re looking forward to utilising Thien to his full ability this split.”

Tim ‘Volt’ Clay, head coach

Throughout the split, we hope that both Swip3rR and Thien will lean on each other and pick up strengths to completely round out the squad moving into a gauntlet run for Worlds.

OPL 2019 Split 2 begins June 7th. We’re looking forward to making an amazing run with our awesome fans.