Chiefs Top 4 at LANVegas

Chiefs Rocket League Place 4th in the World at RLCS Season 6 Finals Las Vegas

Tyler Grenfell | November 27, 2018

For the third time, the boys under the Chiefs banner would be attending the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) World Championship as Oceania’s second seed after being taken down by Tainted Minds in the finals of Throwdown’s Rocket League OCE Championship.

But that wasn’t going to stop them from putting their best foot forward on the world stage, as they would compete alongside Tainted Minds against the top four teams in both Europe and North America for the title of Rocket League World Champions. Talking to team veteran Matthew “Drippay” Den-Kaat about the team’s feelings coming into the event, he said

“We were all excited and confident coming into RLCS. I know we have the potential to be the best team in the world, it was just a matter of playing to our potential.”

His team agreed with him, with the other veteran of the squad, Daniel “Torsos” Parsons commenting

“Confident, we knew we could beat anyone if we were playing our game. We improved heaps from between regional finals and RLCS.”

The newest member of the squad, Cameron “Kamii” Ingram had an opinion much the same;

“Pretty confident our scrims during bootcamp and practice day were going pretty well and or though scrims don’t mean everything it at least gives you an idea of where you stand as a team going in against some of the other top teams.”


Chiefs Rocket League take the stage at RLCS Las Vegas
Photo: Jasmine Alson

Chiefs vs. PSG Esports

The team’s first outing on the world stage this year would be up against Europe’s fourth seed PSG Esports who had already won a minor earlier in the year. It would be a tough first contest for the team, but we were sure they were up to it. The first two games of the series were on DFH Stadium and Mannfield, and while Drippay knocked in goals to keep in reach of the surging PSG, the team went down 0-2 in the series after the Europeans won both games 2-1. It was now do-or-die for our boys, and moving onto Neo Tokyo the third game was much closer, and after going 1-0 down Drippay found the equaliser with 18 seconds left to force overtime to keep our chances alive. It looked insurmountable but again it was Drippay who found a shot off Kamii’s pass to force Game 4.

Again we went down a goal early, but Kamii found an equaliser in a goalmouth scramble with nine seconds left in regulation time. Those nine seconds couldn’t pass quickly enough and there was a huge sigh of relief as the game went to overtime. It took a while, as the PSG defence held strong, but after almost three minutes of overtime a centre pass from Kamii was all Drippay needed to take the series to Game 5.

The team was on the verge of a historic reverse sweep and would move on to face North America’s first seed NRG with the win here. Easily the hardest game of the series, five minutes regulation time passed without a single goal, and was deep into overtime before Torsos set up Kamii to smash the ball into the back of the net and take the win.


Chiefs vs. NRG Esports

The team didn’t have too much time to rest however, as their next opponents would be North American powerhouses NRG Esports, coming into the tournament as one of the favourites alongside Europe’s Dignitas.

NRG put their foot down in Game 1, and announced their intent for a world title with a 3-1 win on DFH Stadium, moving to 1-0 up in the series. But the boys didn’t give up as Torsos drew first blood in the second game, scoring a minute and a half into it. NRG equalised before Drippay put the Chiefs ahead once again and it was Torsos with his second that closed the game out 3-2. The next game was a brawl from start to finish as after an early goal from each team both of their defences refused to yield and the game was forced to overtime. NRG were first to the play and booted it up field and put it away seconds later to drop the Chiefs down 1-2 in the series.

The team’s fortunes were reversed in Game 4, with an early goal from NRG being responded to twice over by our boys and we pushed the series to Game 5 with momentum on our side. With a minute and a half left to play and the scores tied 0-0, Kamii centred the ball once again and Drippay smashed into it head on to put the team up 1-0. The remaining game time was tense but the team held firm and moved on to playing We Dem Girlz the next day.

Talking to Kamii at the end of the day, he said on the team’s play:

“After pulling of the reverse sweep against PSG then taking NRG to game 5 and taking the win we were all very pleased with how we played and that also anything more we did afterwards was just an added bonus as I don’t think we were expected to go far considering the whole roster move and everything.”

Drippay was also awarded Player of the Day after his multiple heroics, but he was all about the team, commenting:

“After beating PSG and NRG on Day 1 we were all feeling great, especially after beating NRG it felt like we finally started to play to our true potential.”


Chiefs vs. We Dem Girlz

Their one and only matchup on the second day of the three day tournament was against We Dem Girlz, a team without an organisation who’d already knocked out eventual tournament winners Cloud9 in the losers bracket. It would be a hard series to win and the boys had to bring their A game to stand a chance.

However, WDG were just far too good on the day, taking the first game 4-0 on DFH Stadium before winning the next 3-0 on Mannfield. We had a chance to force it to a Game 4 as we scored our first goal of the series but WDG put two away to drop us down to the losers bracket to play Evil Geniuses the next day. Torsos said after the disappointing result “It didn’t feel like we even played because of how quickly it was over so there wasn’t much to bounce back from. Just focused on day 3 after that”.

“It didn’t feel like we even played because of how quickly it was over so there wasn’t much to bounce back from. Just focused on day 3 after that”. – Daniel “Torsos” Parsons

Torsos Post Game Interview at RLCS
Photo: Jasmine Alson

Chiefs vs. Evil Geniuses

The match against Evil Geniuses was even more important as they’d already knocked out Tainted Minds so a regional avenging was on the cards.

It was time for the last day of the competition, and the boys wasted absolutely no time in trying to put away EG with a quick 1-0 victory on DFH Stadium, with Drippay bouncing a shot off EG’s young superstar Chicago in a montage-worthy play.

The next game Evil Geniuses seized back momentum as they took the game 2-1 in overtime on Mannfield, turning the series into a best of 3. A Torsos cross set up Drippay again for a shot in the corner and the team took the lead 1-0 on Neo Tokyo. Their defence locked up and made it impossible for Klassux, CorruptedG and Chicago to score and the boys moved to match point.

One win away from placing Top 4 in the world, the boys went all out on Utopia Coliseum and scored a quick early goal. Evil Geniuses had no problem responding however and with 30 seconds to go the game was all tied up. But then the team worked their magic to set Torsos up for a heroic shot to take the lead, the game, the series and a shot at Top 3 when they played Cloud9.

Chiefs vs. Cloud9

Cloud9 had already ripped through the majority of the lower bracket after being upset early by We Dem Girlz and it would be a mammoth task for the boys to take them down. The boys were already supremely happy with their Top 4 placing and this was a chance to go one better.

The North Americans were strong, and went up 1-0 in the series with a commanding 4-0 victory. A heartbreaker of a second game pushed the team to reverse-sweep territory as C9 won on Mannfield in overtime after a 2-2 draw in regulation.

Neo Tokyo in Game 3 could have been the turning point, as all of the team ran in goals to shut down C9 and match their pace with a 4-1 victory. However, on Utopia Coliseum the team would see the end of their run as Cloud9 just outpaced us to win 3-2 to move on and eventually win the entire competition. Kamii said about the team’s placing “

With the win over EG not only did that make us Top 4 in the world but also got some revenge for Tainted Minds as they couldn’t finish the job. But seriously Top 4 in the world is insane and considering it was our first RLCS together I can only think how much better we can do at the next RLCS”.

Torsos and Drippay echoed the sentiment but mentioned they could’ve gone further, as Torsos said

“Personally, coming top 4 didn’t feel that great to me because of how individually poorly I played. Still a cool achievement though.”

“Finishing top 4 was an awesome feeling, but it really felt like we could have played much better and gone even further.” Drippay added.


Chiefs Esports Club place Top 4 at RLCS Season 6 Finals, Las Vegas

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