Cheolgyu ‘KoreaCK’ Kang Update

Cheolgyu ‘KoreaCK’ Kang Update

Chiefs | May 1, 2020

Due to an immediate family emergency Cheolgyu ‘KoreaCK’ Kang has had to return to South Korea to be with his family members during a stressful period for them. We ask that fans join us in sparing a thought for his family and respect his decision. As a club we completely understand and respect Cheolgyu’s decision to fly home and will continue to support him through this. The situation is made even more stressful on Cheolgyu by the current global crisis that is COVID-19 affecting his possible re-entry to Australia.

At The Chiefs we have made all possible arrangements to try and ensure that Cheolgyu can return to play in the starting line up for OPL Split 2 but that fate is now up to powers higher than us in Australian Border Control so let’s collectively cross our fingers that he makes a safe & speedy return.


Cheolgyu ‘KoreaCK’ Kang departing the Gaming House 30/04/2020