Welcome to Chiefs ESC, Dexter and BURNRUOk

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During the long year of Counter-Strike in 2015, Chiefs ESC have had many ups and downs, however that journey finally led us to winning CGPL Season 4 against Team Immunity at PAX 2015! This was due to the hard work and determination put into the team by: Michael “Lightstep” Hall, Chris “CHRISOAOW” Forman, Tyler “Tucks” Reilly, Ryan “Zewsy” Palmer and Peter “PeetyG” Souvlis.

Unfortunately as this year comes to a close, the team says farewell to two of these dedicated players: Zewsy and PeetyG. Both players will be stepping down from their roles with the team, however Zewsy will be remaining with Chiefs as their 6th member while focusing on school commitments. We want to thank both members for the time and effort they have given Chiefs ESC as they have both been vital instruments in our national title victory this year.

Replacing these two players was certainly not an easy feat, however we would like to give a warm welcome to Cal “BURNRUOk” Henderson and Chris “Dexter” Nong to our Chiefs CSGO line-up for 2016! Both BURN and Dexter are already well-known in the Australian CSGO community, being players from both Trident Esport and SYF Gaming respectively.

“This decision is not one I make easily, but leaving my first team that I founded for The Chiefs is one that I’m extremely excited for. This begins a new era in my journey to become part of the best team with the boys that have 100% the same dedication to this esport that I do, with such a strong diverse management and support network is why I have decided to join The Chiefs.” – Chris “Dexter” Nong (@Chiefs_DexterCS)

“Looking forward to the next step in my CSGO journey in chiefs and excited for what the new year will bring with the talented new line-up.” Cal “BURNRUOk” Henderson. (@Chiefs_BURNRUOk)

With 2016 just around the corner, Chiefs CSGO will be taking a well deserved break and look to be renewed for everything that is to come next year with our new line-up! Thanks for everyone’s support this year and happy holidays!

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