Welcome Jonny ‘Saiclone’ Weatherly and Mitch ‘Mitchy’ Atherton to the League of Legends House!

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The Chiefs would like to formally welcome Jonny ‘Saiclone’ Weatherly as our in-house League of Legends Player Development Coach and Mitch ‘Mitchy’ Atherton as our in-house League of Legends manager!

Hailing from New Zealand, Jonny has joined his compatriot Raes in sailing across the Tasman to work in the Oceanic Pro League.

Jonny is no stranger to the esports scene, with previous roles working with Dire Wolves, and Alpha Sydney in both analyst, head coach and mentality coach capacity. On top of this, Jonny brings a wide range of experience and knowledge gained through his background in traditional sports, as a coach and athlete, working with members of New Zealand’s National squad.

Combined with universities degrees in Psychology and Statistics, both fields that are vital to the success and function of esport teams, Jonny brings a very well rounded package to the Player Development role and has been a cornerstone in ensuring active improvement in the Chiefs League of Legends division.

Be sure to check him out on Twitter!

No stranger to the Chiefs, Mitch has been a member of the crew for several years in many different capacities. He will serve as the new Player Manager in the Chiefs house, and along with this duties as head chef and caretaker, Mitch is heavily involved in the social media and partnerships side of the Chiefs and is a huge part of why we are where we are today.

You can find Mitchy on Twitter here!

As as result, we must say thanks and farewell to Alithia, as her commitments back home mean she cannot relocate to the gaming house in Sydney. We’d like to thank her for her efforts!