The NVIDIA GTX 950 – When Performance Matters

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Here at the Chiefs Esports Club, our number one priority is performing at our peak, be it locally or internationally. To do so, we trust in NVIDIA and their state-of-the-art range of graphics cards to allow our players to train under the best possible conditions, with crystal clear gameplay and smooth and responsive performance.

Today, we want to share some of our experiences with the ASUS STRIX GTX 950, a hot favourite among our League of Legends squad!

From the get go, the STRIX GTX 950 is manufactured with Auto-Extreme Technology, the highest standard of production in the industry. Removing the chance of human error, ASUS is the only brand in the market that is using surface mount component manufacturing, and eliminating imperfections in the construction process, ensuring easier installation and improved quality control.

But, as gamers, we were definitely interested in the performance. Knowing it has a sturdy construction is important, but how does it stack up where it counts? To no surprise, the 950 delivered, with immaculate performance and very minimal latency, giving users the ultimate advantage in MOBA gaming. This can be attributed to the GTX 950’s Latency Optimization, giving the player faster responses, with actions registering at a fraction of the time of many other cards on the market.

The faster processing allows for a cleaner feel, your movements will be more fluid and responsive to your touch, making all of your tricky maneuvers and outplays much more natural. This can all be optimised perfectly to fit the player’s needs in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience control panel, to make sure your card is fine-tuned for your play. We’ve been finding the faster performance can be the critical difference between a kill or a death, and a win or a loss.

Sound confusing? Luckily, it’s not! This talk of performance optimisation stumped us at first, too, thinking we would be in control. However, the GeForce Experience has an easy one-click setup, meaning your settings and graphics will be perfectly set up to allow your computer to work out the best options and settings, so you can perform at your peak.

Compared to the rest of the market, the ASUS STRIX GTX 950 seemed the stand out winner in our eyes, running at faster speeds, with the potential to be overclocked to 1355MHz, running rings around competitor’s clock speeds; allowing you to game 11.5% faster than the reference card. On top of this, the GTX 950 is an incredibly heat efficient card, running at low temperatures even without aftermarket cooling, making sure your gaming experience is always optimal, and heat won’t interfere with that. Not only are the fans going to keep your card cool, they’re also incredibly quiet. Usually, the risk of more cooling results in a louder machine, but the ASUS STRIX GTX 950 boasts 0dB gaming, with the fans only activated when necessary. We’ve found for light or casual sessions, this will often be the case. It’s only when we’re pushing the GTX 950 to its limits in longer practice sessions that the fans will kick in, in order to keep the GPU cool and running at optimal performance.

For anyone worrying, installation too was not an issue — Even someone as dopey as Chief Swiffer didn’t struggle with this one!

From the above snap, you’ll notice a distinct lack of sharp edges or pointy pieces protruding from the card, meaning you’ll be safe to install this one without running the risk of damaging your precious gaming fingers. On top of this, the construction, as we already mentioned, is top notch and the strength of the card means it’s not going to be damaged during installation.

So, we’ve been pretty convinced by the ASUS STRIX GTX 950, how about you? From experience, we’ve often found getting high end GPUs can often break the bank, leaving you a little out of pocket if you want to ensure high quality products. What impresses us is the relatively inexpensive cost of the ASUS STRIX GTX 950, when you compare its performance against the cost, making it the perfect card for all levels of gamers; whether you’re a hardcore player or just a casual enthusiast, we’re confident the GTX 950 is the card for you!