The Chiefs Join Forces with GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming!

gigabyte announcement
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The Chiefs are very excited to announce our partnership with GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming!

GIGABYTE are a legend in the gaming industry, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and are known as a leading brand in the IT industry for 30 years. Founded in 1986, GIGABYTE initially started as a small R&D team and has since become one of the world’s top motherboard and graphic card manufacturers. Since then, GIGABYTE has further expanded into a wide variety of products such as notebooks, desktop PCs and networking products.

We’re very excited to partner with a company with such a stellar reputation for innovative technology, exceptional quality and unmatched customer service.

“I’m very excited and privileged to be able to work with a company with such history. The Xtreme Gaming line of graphics cards as well as the Aorus notebook range will be amazing additions to level up to the performance of the teams.” Frank Li, the Chiefs’ owner and founder.

Ross Adcock – ANZ Community Manager – Gigabyte had this to say about the partnership. “We are extremely excited to partner up with the top eSports team in the region. The Chiefs have demonstrated that they are Australia’s premier eSports team, both in their achievements in eSports, and also as a professional organization. We are excited to be partnering with them in 2016.”

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