The Chiefs at Peety G Invitational

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Over the weekend, the Chiefs’ newly acquired Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team competed in their first ever live LAN Nationals competition at the Peety G Invitational up in Brisbane.

Having achieved great results online since joining the Chiefs, the team didn’t know what to expect in their first live LAN tournament together.

Convening together two days before the event, on Thursday, the team began boot-camping and practicing together in a bid to get used to the conditions before the main competition. Being able to practice against established and experienced teams such as Vox Eminor and Avant Garde as well as up and comings Napalm eSports contributed greatly to the team’s ability to adapt to playing on a LAN environment.

With the commencement of the tournament on Saturday, the Chiefs faced off against the other three teams in their group, Napalm eSports, Archaic and Oceanic powerhouses Vox Eminor. Playing in a best of 2 format, with the overall winner being decided on map score, the Chiefs did the unthinkable and went 3-0 in our group, being only the second team ever to defeat Vox Eminor at an Australian LAN. Ending the night on a high, the boys would go into the second day to face Avant Garde in the semi-finals.

Starting off with de_Cache in the first map of the best of 3, the team unfortunately dropped the knife round and were forced onto the T side. Poor execution in pistol rounds as well as our lack of preparation for Avant’s aggressive pushes as CT led to us dropping the first map.

The next map was Avant’s map pick, de_Inferno. Again losing the knife round and being forced on T side, the team rushed to an incredibly start, picking up 8 rounds on T side in a complete turnaround performance. Despite losing pistol on CT side, the team held out and ended the map 16-11 off the back of a huge 4K from Ofnu.

UntitledOfnu would have several multi-kill rounds.

The deciding map would be either de_Overpass or de_Dust 2, based off of a coin flip. Dust 2 was the map chosen and the Chiefs raced away to an unassailable 11-4 lead on CT side. Winning the pistol after another large multi-kill round by Ofnu, this time with 3 kills, the rest of the map would only be a formality as the Chiefs dropped 1 round on the way to a 16-5 win to face Team Immunity in the finals.

The maps for the best of 3 grand finals against Team Immunity were decided beforehand, being de_Mirage, de_Dust 2 and de_Nuke. Winning the knife round and starting CT side on de_Mirage, the Chiefs picked up 8 rounds to finish a disappointing 8-7. However, strong performances on T pistol as well as gun rounds, with great execution and communication from the team, led to a close 16-14 victory in map 1.

After falling 0-5 on Dust 2, a 4K from Nova put the Chiefs on the board on Dust 2, however 6 rounds on the CT side would not be enough as the Chiefs fall 11-16 on Dust 2. Onto Nuke, despite winning the knife round and starting CT side, our inexperience shone through as we only managed to pick up 5 rounds on CT side. Surviving 3 match points at 6-15, we ended up dropping the last map 9-16 and settling for 2nd place and a $500 purse.

The end result was:

1. Team Immunity

2. The Chiefs

3/4. Avant Garde/Vox Eminor.

Despite the disappointing result in the grand finals, I am very proud of the team’s performance over the weekend at their first ever live LAN together. Defeating Vox Eminor and taking Team Immunity to 3 maps, both previously being the consensus top 2 LAN teams in Australia, showed the grit of the team and the unbound potential our line up has. The team are very excited to continue their 2015 campaign with FACEIT, CGPL, ESEA and other tournaments to come.

Huge congratulations to Dizzy for his performance over the weekend at his first Nationals, earning him the Breakout Player award!

Huge thanks to Peety G, GUF Brisbane, TDTV and Mavrick as well as all the supporters during the event! See you all at the next event.