The Chiefs and Red Bull Officially Partner for 2016

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The Chiefs are excited to announce that Chiefs League of Legends has officially partnered with Red Bull Energy Drink for 2016! A longtime supporter of Oceanic eSports, Red Bull have been involved in assisting both the Oceanic Pro League and the Chiefs since last year. Globally, Red Bull is a pioneer within eSports, and has been leading the way for many years. Their emphasis on innovative training projects, athlete development and competitive events such as the Red Bull Battlegrounds just scratches the surface of their dedication.


The key word is athlete, and we’re very privileged to have Red Bull recognise us under their athlete program. Though often debated, it’s undeniable that maintaining strong levels of focus, concentration, and cognitive processes is key in competitive gaming. The boys have been drinking Red Bull as their energy drink of choice for the last two splits of the OPL, as well as in our practice sessions.

chiefs at red bullThe Chiefs at Red Bull’s Sydney office last year before the OPL Split 2 Grand Final at Luna Park.

“Working with Red Bull in order to bring all these opportunities for my team has been a goal of mine,” said Frank Li, owner and founder of the Chiefs. “I am excited to have such an awesome brand name on board, but more so to have a company that truly values our philosophies and winning principles. Despite our results, I know it’s never easy for our players to grind and stay on top. I look forward to Red Bull helping us facilitate our continued development, and being able to take our play to the next level through a well-rounded development program focusing on both mental and physical strength, endurance, and well-being.”


Not only will Red Bull be the Chiefs’ energy of choice for 2016, but we are also fortunate enough to exclusively engage in Red Bull’s state of the art athlete development and training programs. Red Bull and the Chiefs share a common value of being performance driven. The Chiefs will be offered the same opportunities offered to other top level Australian athletes such as Mick Fanning, Daniel Riccardo and Mark Webber.


In addition, Red Bull and the Chiefs are committed to bringing you, the fans, more exclusive, in-depth coverage and content of the daily training regimes and activities of our League of Legends team, providing as much insight as possible as to how five regular guys were able to seize the opportunities to become the top 5 League of Legends players in Oceania.


Here’s to 2016 being an even more successful for the Chiefs. The year has already started strong, with our CSGO division representing Oceania in the IEM Taipei CSGO Minor. With the help of Red Bull, we look to drive our performances and results to new levels in Oceanic eSports.


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