NVIDIA GeForce Experience Share and Alien Technology – Revolutionising “Multiplayer” Gaming

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Although we try to dedicate as much time as possible to practising, sometimes our players are busy, a little tired, or just need a break. In those times, it isn’t rare to find a Chief enjoying a casual single player game, or trying out some different games that spark their interest—after all, we’re still gamers!

So, when we’re exploring new games and embarking on unusual adventure, we love to share those experiences with our friends and teammates; whether it’s showing off some cool armour, or getting a hand with a particular part of the game.

We’ve been exploring some of NVIDIA’s new Alien-Technology, and we’ve been learning how we can share our games with each other!

The Alien-Technology provides its user with a platform to interact with others, even if they’re not strictly in your game. By this, we mean that you can be playing games that are usually isolated to one player, and let your friend grab the wheel!

We’ve run through some different scenarios, and seen how NVIDIA’s Alien-Technology has changed the landscape of gaming, allowing it to be even more interactive and fun to share with friends.

Problem: You’ve hit a wall. You keep trying the same level, the same boss fight, but to no avail. You can’t think of the right strategy, execute the right combo—or both.

Solution: Phone a friend! Can’t beat the level? Grab a mate. You can allow Alien-Technology to share the control of whatever game you’re playing, with a friend playing from the comfort of their own home. You’re able to:

  1. Share via email,
  2. Click “Play as me”
  3. Let your friend jump in the driver’s seat!

Problem: You just got rare loot, or some cool gear, and your friend wants to see what it looks like!

Solution: Unlocked something special, and want to brag to some friends? Want to show someone how to beat a level, unlock a secret, or all of the above? NVIDIA’s Alien-Technology allows you to remotely host your game to be viewed by your friends!

  1. Share via email,
  2. Click “Watch me play”
  3. Showcase your gameplay to anyone you’d like to.

Problem: What’s your favourite co-operative, offline game? Trine 3? Whatever it may be, you’d usually need to head to someone’s house to play, right?

Solution: Wrong! Again, there’s only a few steps to enable co-op sessions between friends.

  1. Share via email,
  2. Click “Play alongside me”
  3. Battle through hordes of enemies in co-op fashion!

GeForce Experience Share’s GameStream function allows you to invite a friend via email and stream directly to a them, have them control your characters in game or play along side you in a co-op game!

Other fun options that NVIDIA’s Alien-Technology has to offer includes broadcasting and streaming, letting you share your sessions with viewers at 720p. Or want to share some flashy plays, or some clutch moments? You can do that too, by setting up instant replays and auto-recording, and then selecting your highlights to save!

With the recent addition of YouTube Gaming streaming, GeForce Experience Share offers an easy to use alternative to other streaming platforms for existing and aspiring streamers out there.

GeForce Experience Share’s new in game overlay also lets you instantly edit the length and range of the videos you record, as well as adapting replay length, quality, resolution and bit-rate settings on the fly. No longer will users need to mess through third party programs to share awesome content.

We messed around with a few of these features, tried to see what we could come up with. Overall, it seemed like such an intelligent system, and breaks down a lot of the common barriers we all experience in the games we play. This, coupled with NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience Share Control Panel are incredibly intelligent pieces of software that are revolutionising gaming, and taking the experience to a whole new level.

You can download the beta at the following link. Be sure to check out @NvidiaANZ and the NVIDIA Australia and New Zealand Facebook page for real time updates!