NVIDIA ANZ’s NFAN Sydney Meet Up

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On Saturday, 17th of October, NVIDIA Australia and New Zealand hosted a meet up for NFANs at the Nerd Cave, in Surry Hills, Sydney. Chiefs general manager Frank ‘Sangy’ Li and CS:GO manager Steph ‘TheJellyBelly’ Leung were both in attendance in what was a day of fun, games, presentations, giveaways and all round fun!

‘We arrived for the afternoon session and headed up the stairs to the Nerd Cave. Inside, the atmosphere was really different from what I expected. The venue itself was great, lots of space to move around, with an awesome PC set and projector set up. People were playing 5v5 Rocket League, Black Ops 2 and Left 4 Dead which was broadcasted onto the screen. Aside from that, what took my interest were the several arcade machines lining the walls. I got to get my ass kicked again at Street Fighter IV by x5’s Jared ‘Pig’ Krensel a few times.

nvidia fan meet pig

Sangy vs Pig.

nvidia fan meet

The gaming floor.

On the second floor, plenty of food and drinks were on hand for everyone to eat and have a good time. In the auditorium style area, a projector and seats were set up where Mark (@TheQuestionMark), NVIDIA ANZ’s Gaming Community Manager,¬†was able to engage with the fans. The centre of attention at the meet up was the GTX 950. NVIDIA’s latest GPU, designed for every gamer, featuring great value and general all-roundedness (if that’s a word). If you haven’t yet, make sure you check our review of the ASUS Strix GTX 950 we were lucky enough to get our hands on here!

mark nvidia meet up

NVIDIA ANZ’s Gaming Community Manager Mark Libman’s briefing on the day. Photo courtesy of TheOne on the NVIDIA ANZ forums.

In addition, I was lucky enough to finally get to test out the GeForce Experience Share’s GameStream Co-op function. If you take a look at the picture above, to Mark’s left (our right), there was a set up with Street Fighter IV hooked up, with GameStream Co-op running onto a laptop beside it. I was able to play SFIV normally on my own on the main set up, whilst beside me, Steph was able to manipulate my character in times of need (not there were any). The feature is truly awesome, albeit not really applicable for eSports. However, myself being someone who plays a good amount of single player and casual games and often finding myself frustratingly stuck at certain sections, I can see this feature coming in very handy sometime. You can find Chief Spookz’s look at the GeForce Experience Share’s Early Access Beta here!

A few lucky fans got to take home their own GTX 950 on the day, as well as other awesome prizes. If you were in attendance and missed out on nabbing a prize, be sure to check out this forum post on the NVIDIA ANZ forums for your chance to win:

2 x GeForce GTX 950
3 x Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
10 x The Witcher 3

Huge thanks to NVIDIA ANZ for putting on a great day for us fans. Hope those attending the Auckland meet up at the Snap Dragon Bar on the 22nd will have as good a time as we did! Shout-outs to Mark from NVIDIA for hosting a very fun event!’

– Sangy

You can find out more at NVIDIA ANZ’s Facebook page as well as Twitter (@NvidiaANZ)