Meet the Chiefs’ recently activated Overwatch Agents!

meet the team
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ICYMI: the Chiefs recently acquired the Overwatch team formerly known as Vandelay Industries. Get to know the stories behind the players and their illustrious eSports careers you may have not known about!

meet the team

Karl ‘snowblind’ Chapman

twitter @Chief_Snowblind

twitch SnowblindOW

Competing in multiple seasons of Divsion 1 in Team Fortress 2, most notably under Team Immunity, Snowblind was one of the few Australian players to ever travel internationally to compete. 

Team Immunity was amongst some of the best international talent to attend Insomnia52 in August 2014 to compete. Emerging out of groups in 2nd place, only losing to Epsilon before going on to place 4th overall at the event. 

Following his TF2 endeavors, he went on to compete in Dirty Bomb, placing 2nd in the Cybergamer Pro Series under Wolfplayers. 

In Overwatch, Karl has a reputation for his hit-scan classes, particularly Tracer and Soldier.


  • 1st CyberLeague EU Invitational (Europe), Team Fortress 2
  • 1st “”ozfortress”” Winter League 11 Premier Division, Team Fortress 2
  • Voted Best Scout and Most Valuable Player, Winter League 10 Premier Division, Team Fortress 2
  • 4th Insomnia 52 LAN (Europe), Team Fortress 2

Daniel “Dorky” Stevens 

twitter @Chief_Dorky

twitch gndorky

Coming from a noteworthy history in both TF2 and Counter Strike, Dorky has been pursuing the competitive side of games since the early days of CS 1.6. Moving onto Global Offensive, Daniel competed under some renowned names including Athletico and Archaic eSports.

Filling the Flex role in the team, he fills the gaps in any team composition. From Winston to Junkrat, Dorky is the jack of all trades.


  • 2nd “ozfortress” Winter League 11 Premier Division, Team Fortress 2
  • 1st ECN Melbourne Qualifer, Counter Strike 1.6
  • 1st QLD WCG 2006 Qualifer #2, Counter Strike 1.6

Jackson “HeyKatie” Taylor 

twitter @Chief_heykatie

twitch heykatie

HeyKatie had an unusual route to competing in Overwatch, starting off his journey as a competitive console player in the original Gears of War. Taking the fight to PC, his remarkable sniping quickly became a talking point of TF2 Division 1. Jumping across to Dirty Bomb with Snowblind, he too competed under Wolfplayers throughout the later half of the season.

To nobody’s surprise, HeyKatie’s Widowmaker his well-known throughout the Australian Overwatch scene already. 


  • 3rd “ozfortress” Winter League Premier Division Season 11, Team Fortress 2
  • 2nd CyberGamer Pro Series, Dirty Bomb

Bradley “aporia” Philpott


twitter @Chief_Aporia

Being one of the founding members of the Team Immunity TF2 line-up, Aporia went on to win ten straight OWL seasons as the roaming soldier of his team. He went on to compete internationally twice, placing 4th both times at Insomnia49 and 52.

Alongside Termo, he is one of the later additions to the team and will be filling the Support role.


  • 1st “ozfortress” Winter League (2-11) Premier Division
  • 1st Cyberleague EU Invitational (Europe), Team Fortress 2
  • 4th Insomnia49 LAN (Europe), Team Fortress 2
  • 4th Insomnia52 LAN (Europe), Team Fortress 2

Jake “termo” Hickman 


twitter @Chief_termo

twitch term0

Thought to be one of the best Demoman players in the world, termo was one of Australia’s most impressive competitors in Team Fortress 2. Competing in the company of Snowblind for nearly two years, he went on to take multiple second places to Team Immunity before eventually joining them for their Insomnia52 appearance.

Holding the front lines in the tank role, look out for termo to be shielding his team as Reinhardt or leaping into the enemy backline as Winston.


  • 1st CyberLeague EU Invitational (Europe), Team Fortress
  • 4th Insomnia52 LAN (Europe), Team Fortress 2
  • Voted Best Demoman at Insomnia52 LAN (Europe), Team Fortress 2


twitter Chief_ory

Although not having the same lengthy list of achievements as his teammates, Ory has multiple high-end TF2 second place finishes.

With his Mercy already developing a prestige, ory is well-known as one of the leading support players in the beta, pulling off game-changing resurrections while remaining unkillable in the line of fire.


  • 2nd ATF2L Invite Masters League, Team Fortress 2
  • 2nd “ozfortress” Winter League 8 Premier Division
  • 2nd “ozfortress” Capping 4 Cause 3
  • 3rd Alienware Arena, Team Fortress 2

 Article by Blake “ZeRoR” Mitchell, coach and manager for the team. Find him at @Chief_ZeRoR.

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