Farewell Raydere

farewell raydere
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Today, with a heavy heart, we announce the departure of one of the longest standing members in the Chiefs’ League of Legends team, and the Oceanic League of Legends scene, Derek ‘Raydere’ Trang.

Having been one of the founding members of the Chiefs, as well as widely renowned as one of the best players in Oceanic history, this was not a move made easily. During the course of Derek’s time with us, we as an entire team has found that there were increasing differences in mentality.

Over time and several team discussions, it was decided that a change in scenery would be mutually beneficial for both parties. As Derek has also broached the idea of retirement, for he has recently completed his university degree, the team considered potential trade options to revitalise the team dynamic, and for Derek to take his experience, expertise and skills to another team where he can fully realise his abilities.

We then reached out to Dire Wolves, who were interested in exploring the idea of a trade. We believed it to be potentially mutually beneficial for both teams, as one of the most experienced players in the scene, Derek could contribute greatly to the Dire Wolves.

Quin ‘Raes’ Korebrits exploded onto the scene last split, earning Rookie of the Split honours and much praise from fans and casters alike. The team believes that his raw ability, strong work ethic and mentality will be a very valuable addition to the team.

We would like to thank Derek immensely for his time with us, and cannot stress how sad we are to see him go. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours, both in competitive League and outside of it.

Please support Raes by following him on Twitter at @ChiefRaes. We are very excited for what the future will bring!