Farewell Dexter

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It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Chiefs have parted ways with Christopher ‘dexter’ Nong, the captain and in-game leader of Chiefs Counterstrike:Global Offensive. Stepping confidently into this role after the team’s journey at IEM Taipei at the start of the year, he has been a crucial member in the development of the team.

“Chiefs ESC have supported me for many months straight into my first international experience in IEM Taipei, but after getting a taste of that experience, I personally became more hungry to experience it more consistently. Therefore I’m excited to take this opportunity in a new team, that can lead me there.” – Christopher ‘dexter’ Nong

“Earlier in the year, I had an opportunity to proceed with two line-ups, both of which had great positives and would go on to achieve great things. Dexter’s work ethic, drive and determination to win has been a constant inspiration to me. It is a shame that things worked out this way but I wish him the best and hope he finds success in the future. – Frank Li, owner and founder.

The team remains with as a core 4 with: Cal ‘BURNRUOk’ Henderson, Chris “CHRiSOAOW’ Forman, Mark ‘deStiny’ Kagan and Nikhil ‘Nikkez’ Victor. Even with a hiccup in the line-up, the team are still determined to play to their best of ability with strong performances at the ESL ANZ LAN later this month.

We want to wish Dexter all the best in the future with his Counterstrike: Global Offensive endeavors, wherever they make take him.