Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Roster Update

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After 10 months as a core 5, we must announce Michael ‘Lightstep’ Hall has been stood down from the Chiefs CSGO starting roster.

“Today we say goodbye to one of my longtime teammates and friend, Lightstep. We built this team together 10 months ago and we’ve seen nothing but improvement. Our goal was to build a strong lineup out of inexperienced but incredibly skilled players, I believe we have done this and I’m very proud of what we have achieved together. I can’t thank Mike enough for what he has done for this team.

Although it’s a very tough decision to make, we believe for our team to continue to make more progress, we need to make a change.

With that being said we are very excited to announce Pecks as our new 5th leading into CG/ZEN/IEM on a trial period. Pecks is someone who I think is incredibly skilled and can really become one of the best players in our region with the right leadership. We can’t wait to show what we can do with this roster.” – Tyler ‘Tucks’ Reilly, Chiefs CSGO Captain

We want to thank Michael for his efforts and contributions to Chiefs CSGO, including the success he has brought of the past months.

For the following CGPL, ESEA, IEM Sydney qualifier and ZEN League competitions, we will be fielding substitutes, primarily Peter ‘Pecks’ Nguyen, former of the SYF squad, on a trial basis for the starting position.

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