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Chiefs Smite
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As the conclusion of one OPL draws near, another is just getting started! The Smite Oceanic Pro League kicked off yesterday, with 8 of Oceania’s top teams competing in a league format over 7 weeks for the opportunity to compete at PAX Melbourne. The winner of the tournament will receive an invite to the Smite World Championships to be held in the USA!

The Chiefs would like to welcome our newest members to our family; introducing Chiefs Smite division! Formerly competing under the moniker “TooEdgy”, the team is comprised of some of the strongest talent from Exhilarated and Raiding Party, and have come together after impressive results in the Oceanic Invitational Ladder with one goal in mind, to reach infinity and beyond. Conquering the top level of Oceanic Smite and to represent the region at the World Championships in January, 2016.

The Chiefs Smite roster is as follows:

Solo – Thomas “Elkeiro” Keir

Jungle – Maxen “Maxen” Williams

Mid – Tom “CrazyAussie” Morgan

ADC – Alex “Gruff” Brown (C)

Support – Scott “Prensel” Murray (VC)

“I believe what HiRez are doing for the competitive Smite scene is a great step forward. Personally, I found the third person MOBA concept quite intriguing, and after watching a good amount of competitive Smite, I was pretty hooked on the highly proactive gameplay. I am very excited to have Gruff and his team on board and look forward to supporting them in their goals!” said Frank Li, owner of the Chiefs.

Gruff, captain of the team, had this to say; “We are proud to join such a prestigious and exclusive organisation as the Chiefs ESC, we look forward to representing the Chiefs at the highest level of OCE Smite and our eyes are firmly set on the qualifiers at PAX and beyond.”

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You can find all you need to know about the Smite Oceanic Pro League at the following links:

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