Chiefs To Attend PeetyG Invitational

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To start the year with a bang, PeetyG, a well-known player and community member has organised the first National Counter Strike Global Offense Nationals to kick off what should be a big year for CS:GO in Australia. The Chiefs have been invited to the event which will be hosted at the GUF Internet Cafe in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane (Formerly known as Elysium Cafe).

The Chiefs have been given a 3rd seed out of a possible 8 teams going into the event, placing behind veteran teams Vox Eminor and Team Immunity. Groups have also have been announced for the event, with The Chiefs sitting in Group 1 alongside up and comers Napalm eSports, veterans Archaic (formerly The Originals) and Vox Eminor who are fresh off their victory at Katowice


au Vox Eminor au Team Immunity
au The Chiefs au Avant Garde
au Napalm au Noxious
au Archaic au Unknown Individuals

Map Pool: Dust2, Inferno, Cache, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass

Groups will be done in a best of 2 format, with the round difference for both maps being the determiner for the team who wins the series. The final series will be played in a best of 3 format with the first seed in each group to face the second seed in the counterpart group.

All the action will take place over the 7th and 8th of March with groups starting at 9am Saturday. Having had an extremely good season so far – going strong in the Cybergamer Season 3 Championship and having 12 wins 2 losses in the ESEA league – The Chiefs hope for a strong showing.

TeamdownTV will be covering the event with streams and interviews, and we will also bring you updated information of when The Chiefs are playing over on our social media.

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