Chiefs.CSGO are heading to CGPL Sydney

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The top twelve Oceanic Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams have battled it out over the past five weeks for a chance to be one of the top eight teams playing at Cybergamer’s Autumn Professional LAN in Sydney. Chiefs CSGO unveiled a new line-up before this tournament, which included Christopher ‘dexter’ Nong, Chris ‘Chrisoaow’ Forman, Liam ‘Mungo’ Morrow, Cal ‘BURNRUOk’ Henderson and Mark ‘deStiny’ Kagan, and they have gone through the entire regular season of CGPL undefeated and look to continue their dominant streak at LAN.

The tournament will be held at the Australian Technology Park, on the 16th and 17th of April with group stages on the Saturday, while semi-finals and grand finals are played on the Sunday for a shot at the $6,400 prize pool!

Make sure to head on down to the Australian Technology Park in two weeks to support the team as they look to secure back-to-back Cybergamer Division 1 titles! For more information on how to get to the venue, and information on the tournament, read here.  If you unfortunately can’t make it to Sydney that weekend, support the team by watching our games being streamed live at the dedicated CGPL CSGO channel.


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