Chiefs Call of Duty Roster Update for 2017

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We recently said farewell to two people instrumental in The Chiefs’ success throughout 2016, Macka and Rival. However, today we’re happy to announce our new additions, heading into the 2017 Call of Duty season.

Welcome Cody ‘Excite’ Rugolo and Cooper ‘Lakie’ Reading to The Chiefs ESC, who will be joining current Chiefs Call of Duty players, Jake ‘Hopey’ Hope and Dean ‘Dean’ Beldzinski.

A word from The Chiefs Call of Duty captain, Hopey:

Today I am happy to announce that Dean and I will be remaining in The Chiefs for the Call of Duty 2017 Season. While we did see some success throughout the year, it definitely wasn’t where we wanted to be. After the departure of Macka and Rival, Dean and I had a long discussion about everything and It was quite clear who we wanted. Having previously teamed with Excite and Lakie in Advanced Warfare under Skyfire, I know the type of players they are and how bad they want it. I felt we had a lot of potential when we teamed in Advanced Warfare, but we lacked experience as a whole, since then, we have all had time to grow so I feel things could work out for us this time, especially with Dean along side us.  it will just come down to pure hard work, which I know everyone is willing to put in.

Statement from The Chiefs founder and owner, Sangy:

Despite a tumultuous start to our Call of Duty campaign, I’ve very proud to have turned it around in Stage 2 and competed at CoD Champs. Despite the results, I know the boys showed flashes of brilliance. Despite the unfortunate departure of James and Jack (Macka and Rival respectively), I am fully confident in Hopey’s abilities as a leader and the new team he has assembled. Excite has been someone whose attitude and dedication to the game I have admired from afar. Lakie’s youth bodes well for the team’s future, especially as someone with a strong competitive history already. I look forward to working with the team in 2017, and hope to bring them the best environment they can to achieve great things in what I’m sure will be another great CWL season.

Closing statement

Please join us in welcoming Excite and Lakie to The Chiefs, we hope to have your continued support through the 2017 Call of Duty season.

You can follow The Chiefs Call of Duty team on Twitter at @ChiefHopey, @ChiefDean__, @ChiefExcite and @ChiefLakie.