Chiefs Black OCS Team Recruiting Mid/Support

Chiefs Black Recruiting
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Chiefs Black are currently recruiting for the upcoming Oceanic Challenger Series! Recently, Riot announced changes to the OCS, moving into a 7 week league format, with the top 2 teams given an opportunity to play in the promotion tournament and a spot in the OPL next split.

This is a great opportunity for up and coming talent or players looking to maintain a steady participation in competitive league to get experience in a competitive environment and learn and train under the best League of Legends team in Oceania.

You will be joining our lineup of:

Top – Chief Points

Jungle – Zahe

Mid – ?

ADC – Zero

Support – Chief Rosey

We are taking applications for mid and support, Rosey has a propensity to play several roles. However, we will be prioritising mid applications. You must have finished Diamond 2 or above in Season 5 to apply.

Please send in all applications to with:



Oceania LoL Summoner Name:

Season 5 rank:


Previous competitive experience (if any):

Good luck!