Chiefs are hiring for 2017!

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Since our establishment in 2014, the Chiefs have grown and come a long way from our humble beginnings. We are looking for talented, enthusiastic and committed staff to join our team for 2017.

Please send all applications, including a cover letter and CV to

We currently have the following roles open:

1. Videographer

2. Sponsorship Coordinator

3. Staff Writer

4. Content Manager

5. Social Media Live Coverage Associate

6. Graphic Designer (in-house)

Social Media Coordinator

Established in 2014, The Chiefs are Australia’s most successful League of Legends team and one of the fastest growing esports organizations in Oceania.

We’re looking for an energetic and enthusiastic social media coordinator to help increase our visibility globally and throughout Australia.  The coordinator will be responsible for managing our flagship social media accounts and be responsible for increasing the reach of the Chiefs ESC.

This is a paid role.

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Experienced:  As a social media connoisseur you’ve elevated the profile of brands before and know how to prowl your way through an array of networking sites like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Facebook. Also boasting graphic and video editing skills is a big plus.
  • Passionate: You love esports: the storylines, the events and the personalities and aren’t afraid to show it.
  • Adaptable: The rapid pace of the esports industry requires one to alter strategies from time to time. As the primary link between the Chiefs and our loyal fanbase, you’ll be required to adapt to ever changing pace of the industry.
  • Autonomous: You have proven to be able to work independently and take the lead on your area of expertise while also being a valued member of the team. 


  • Manage the flagship social media accounts of the Chiefs ESC on existing platforms and expand our presence to other networks if applicable.
  • Increase our reach throughout our social media platforms and seek out new pathways for exposure where available
  • Liaise with our partners and sponsors and coordinate social media campaigns with them wherever possible
  • Communicate with our loyal fanbase and ensure that their concerns are heard.

Call of Duty Manager

Chiefs Call of Duty are looking to hire an official manager for the CoD World League and other activities.

 We’re looking for a diligent person who has the following qualities:

    • Punctual: Whether it’s showing up for scrims, or meeting deadlines, you’ll avoid letting the team down by not finishing work or creating delays.
    • Communicative: The work will require both verbal dialogue and written communication that can be accessed in a succinct and easily interpreted format, with multi-media options (presentations, videos) being a bonus.
    • Resourceful: While there will be interaction with the team, as our manager we’ll be allowing you a degree of independence, and the ability to work at your own pace. Being able to source and use your own statistics and information, as well as direct yourself will be essential.
    • Expert knowledge: We want to bring in a like-minded and competitive person who is already attuned with Call of Duty at a high level, and the intricacies of competitive play.

Extra qualities that are highly valued, but not essential:

  • A background in esports analysis specifically
  • Other (relevant) experience in esports
  • Developed media skills, such as video/photo editing (major key).

Please forward a cover letter, including information about yourself and your involvement in esports, as well as a short history of any previous work you may have done in esports.